Beat Boredom on Long Car Rides This Winter Break!

Beat Boredom on Long Car Rides This Winter Break!

Long Car Rides can be BORING, Here are some ideas to beating boredom on long car rides this winter break!

1. Read a Good Book-

This one is pretty self-explanatory, bring a book in the car and just read! You could bring one of your favorite books, a new book, or even a magazine. If you love to read it could probably take up much of the ride. some people get car sick or don’t like to read though, that’s OK! there are plenty of other things you could do!

2. Electronics-

This is another pretty easy and self explanatory idea. Simply bring an electronic device with you such as a phone, iPod, kindle, or DS. you could even if you wanted buy a new DS game or download a new app, or even a new book before you go on the car ride so that you have something new to play and try to complete! Or you could try to finish an old game in record time.

3.  Draw-

Draw a picture with a particular theme such as chibi people, cats, or elemental based characters. Below is a picture i drew with the theme chibi people!

chibi pic

4. Gum/Mint “testing”-

A small thing you can do on long car rides is before you leave buy several different types of gum or mints. You can even get some weird flavors like “Root Beer” or “Sweet Mint” than just try them all and than just number them from 1-(how ever many you have) one being your most favorite. And hey, you can try new kinds of gum!

5. Photo-Editing-

Photo-editing can be really fun! all you need to do is download a photo editor app on to a device, there are plenty of ones that are free! Than you can either use your own pictures or save some from online. You can make them look really pretty, or funny. I think this is a good time-consuming activity.

6. Word Puzzles-

Get an activity book that has things such as spot the difference, find it, word searches, cross words, or even Sudoku. You don’t want to go to the store to get one? that is fine! you can find them online or on google images or on, or there are plenty of websites where you can make your own to solve and than just print it out and bring it along!

7. Writing-

Write your own short story, it could even be about crazy things happening on your vacation. You could also write a play just for fun! Or, you can write in a journal, anything you want!

I Hope this article helped!! Be sure to check back soon, I will be posting an article every week from now on! Have a great Winter break!


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