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Cool Valentine’s Day Cards

Cool Valentine’s Day Cards


1.) Pompom Pal card

This is the first out of five cards I will show you how make! For this project you will need:

– zigzag craft scissors and normal scissors

–  white, red, and pink construction paper

–  drawing/writing utensils and a sharpie or black marker

– ribbon and heart stickers

– glue or tape

Now, lets get started! First, use your craft scissors to cut a large zigzag edged circle out of white construction or normal paper. Next use some pink construction paper and cut 2 medium sized ovals for the pompom pal’s feet. After, attach the feet to the feet to the bottom of the white body. After, draw two eyes on it with your sharpie, put a heart sticker right under the right eye. Now make a bow out of some red ribbon. After put the bow on the top of the body above the left eye. Now draw a mouth with lipstick below the  eyes, if you want, you can add a little note next to the mouth in a speech bubble such as “Happy Valentine’s Day!”. Now, cut out (using your zigzag scissors) a circle only a bit smaller than the pompom pal body out of red paper and glue or attach it to the back of the pompom pal. Lastly, all you need to do is write a note on the back, and your done!


2.) stitched heart card’

for this card you will nee:

– a plastic needle

– pink yarn

– sparkly pink lip gloss

– writing/drawing utensils and pink or red construction paper

Okay, lets get started! First, take your construction paper and fold it in half, than cut out a half a heart and unfold it into a heart. Now, cut a long piece of yarn and put one end through the eye of the needle. Use your plastic needle to poke holes through the paper while weaving the yarn along the edge of the heart, when you are done tie the ends of the yarn on the back of the card. Now make a heart with the lipgloss and outline it with pen or marker. Next write a message, and your done with this awesome card!!!



3.) All Sewn up Card

For this awesome card you will need:

– thick red ribbon

– heart stickers and any other decorations

– drawing/writing utensils

– a sharpie

– red and pink construction paper






Happy 2014! Time Capsule

Happy 2014! Time Capsule

The New Year has come and it is now 2014. Here is an idea for a new kind of time capsule to work on all year round! This is also a great family activity to do all year.

What you’ll need:

– pictures


– large jar (peanut butter jar, glass jar, etc.)

– decorating/scrapbooking materials

– anything else you want to add

-sticky notes/paper

One idea for your time capsule is to take a jar ,such as a peanut butter jar, and put it where you see it every day. also put some slips of paper or a pack of stickynotes out next to it. When ever you have a good time you can write it down and why you are happy on a sticky note or slip of paper. you can also draw a picture if you like or add an item that brings back memories every day to make your time capsule grow bigger and bigger. and in the end you can decorate it and open it up in 2015 or 2016! Happy 2014!!! 

Veterans Day History

Veterans Day History

Veterans day is a holiday honoring those who fought in war, any war because freedom is not free, everything has a cost. Veterans day 2 was originally called Amistice day and was celebrated in honor of the tragedies of war. Veterans day is celebrated on the 11th of November because World War 1 ended at exactly at 11 A.M. on the 11th of the 11th month in 1918 or November 11, 1918. In 1926, Congress passed a resolution making veterans day an official holiday, and making it be celebrated in churches, schools, and other public areas. A year after veterans day became an official holiday, world war 2 broke out in Europe. Over 1 hundred thousand American troops died in world war 2 and even more in the Korean war. After the Korean war, congress made Veterans day a day for not only those who served in world war one, but any veteran who had served in any war. And that is how Veterans Day began.