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6 Cute Spring Outfits for 2017

6 Cute Spring Outfits for 2017

With spring approaching, I decided to put together 6 cute spring outfits for you guys. All of the items shown below are both very affordable and can be ordered online as well as bought at stores. Tweet your spring fashion tips and ideas to @Sparklenews_ with the #NewsthatSparkles to be featured and don’t forget to follow all my social medias which will be listed down below. Outfit 1:

This is a cute and casual look that can be worn to school, work, or out shopping. The shirt is a tee with a gray top and a white and black floral bottom and is currently on sale for $24.99 at Belk. The shoes are adorable white Keds sold at DSW for $29.95 and the black jeans are on sale at Forever 21 for $10.

Outfit 2:

This outfit is not only very girly, but super cute too. It has an adorable cactus t-shirt from Target that is only $12.99 along with a pink button up skirt from Belk which is on sale for $24.01 at the moment. To finish it off, there is a pair of brown sandals which are $19.99 at Payless. Together, all of these elements make a bright and spring-themed outfit that would be great for school and other casual places.

Outfit 3:

Of the outfits I put together above, this one has got to be one of my favorites. It features a yellow, floral Abercrombie dress that sells for $58. I particularly love the dress because it has cute, flowy sleeves with a cold shoulder and is a bright yellow color which is great for spring. I added a layered charm necklace ($15.95-American Eagle) to make the outfit a bit more classy and a pair of cute brown booties which are $49.99 at Payless. This is a step up from the typical casual outfit, but can be worn in almost any situation.

Outfit 4:

I love this outfit because I think that it looks super comfy and would be perfect to wear for finals and midterms weeks or for traveling. To start, I chose a baby blue t-shirt from American Eagle which is currently on sale for $14.95. To go with it, I chose out a pair of cute, soft, camo shorts (On sale for $15 at Hollister). These two make for a great lounge outfit being that they would be very comfy. That being said, I decided to add a few accessories to make it look nicer so that it would be good to wear to school or to the airport. For jewelry, I simply added a set of bangles which are on sale for $12.60 at Belk. To finish, I added a pair of white, lacey sandals which are from Payless (sold for $24.99).

Outfit 5:

This outfit is an absolutely adorable and more dressy outfit that can be worn out to eat, for a day out, or even to school or work if you want. On top of this, it is super easy, comfy, and inexpensive. It is simply a light blue and pink floral dress which is $29.99 at the moment at Target and a cute pair of white buckle up sandals ($29.99 at Belk). This is such a simple outfit, but it looks really nice still. If you wanted, you could always dress it up by adding a pair of earrings and some bracelets, but it is not necessary.

Outfit 6:

For the final outfit, I decided to create a very comfy, yet super cute and casual outfit. There is a chic, coral, cold shoulder shirt that I found at Charming Charlie for only $22. Along with the shirt, there is a pair of really cute, black and white elephant print shorts that are on sale for only $7 at Forever 21. To finish off the look, I added a simple pair of black and white flip flops from Hollister.

Thank you guys for reading and don’t forget to check back next Tuesday for my next article! Have a wonderful Friday 🙂

Valentine’s Day Survey 2017

Valentine’s Day Survey 2017

Hey guys! As many of you are aware, Valentine’s day is only a few weeks away. The link below leads to a google form survey about Valentine’s day. The survey is only a few questions long and I would appreciate it if you all would help me get the best data by taking the survey and sending it to your friends too. The results from the survey will be posted as an infographic next week in honor of the holiday.

The Survey (Click to follow link)


Thanksgiving Infographic

Thanksgiving Infographic

This is just an infographic that I made to celebrate Thanksgiving! To have your opinions counted in the next infographic, make sure you take the survey for December under ‘Monthly Polls’ or below. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

December Survey:


Cupcake Decorating: Tips and Tricks!

Cupcake Decorating: Tips and Tricks!


Let’s admit it: we all love cupcakes! Not only are they delicious, but they are also pretty. That is, if they are decorated nicely. Today I am going to show you guys a couple tricks and techniques and give you a couple tips so that you can be the creator of some beautiful cupcakes.

1. Colored Batter!


One simple way to make cupcakes pretty, especially if you are short on time, is by adding a drop or two of food coloring to the batter. Once the cupcakes come out of the oven, they will be colorful! Just know that the color may show up darker after being baked and that this trick works best with white cake. If you need to make cupcakes quickly for a party or you don’t think you will have enough time to frost them, this takes less than a minute and can ensure that your cupcakes are beautiful!

2. Sprinkles!

icing bags
I used fish shaped sprinkles and blue frosting to make a cupcake that was ocean themed.

Who doesn’t like sprinkles? They are fun and can create an elegant or a fun look! whether you are using a fancy frosting technique or simply dolloping some frosting onto your cupcakes, sprinkles are a guaranteed way to spruce up the look!

3. Icing Bags and Tips!


Though, as the name states, icing bags are meant for icing, they work with frosting too! Just put a pretty tip into the icing bag, fill it with frosting, and get decorating! Icing bags can make frosting look like water, flowers, or spikes when you use different tips. If you can also frost a cupcake smoothly and then use a jagged edged tip and just go around the rim of a cupcake to make it pop! If you don’t have icing bags, you can use a Ziploc bag and cut an end off, or simply use a spoon or knife to shape the frosting.

4. Colored Frosting!

colored frosting/ sprinkles

Similar to the first tip, you can simply add food coloring to frosting to make it look pretty too! This will make the frosting stand out in comparison to the cupcake and can help it better match a certain theme of colors.

5. Wrappers!

Cupcake wrappers with designs and pictures on them are sold at craft stores, food stores, and grocery stores. They are great when making themed cupcakes for a bake sale, holiday, or party! Plus, they are simple and easy to add to your cupcakes.


If one or more of these tips are used, you can make beautiful cupcakes that will certainly stand out! Don’t forget to check back next Wednesday for another article!




Welcome To

Welcome To

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