Cute Simple Gifts that everyone loves!

Cute Simple Gifts that everyone loves!

These are some cute gift ideas for birthdays, get well soon, or thank you gifts!


1.) This is one small gift that I’m sure your friends would love, matching gloves and change purses! in the picture above you see 3 sets of matching gloves and change purses. Both the gloves and purses are by the Target brand Xhilaration. As you can probably tell, you can find these at Target.



2.) Another gift I think is awesome, but is simple, is D.I.Y rubber bands to use on the rainbow loom. I would generally say get the original(rainbow loom), but the thing is, D.I.Y has more creative and cool types and styles of rubber bands than rainbow loom. Above in the picture are three examples of special bands; colorful glow in the dark, scented ones, and glitter ones. Over all, I think these are a great gift! NOTE: you can also get packs with hooks and charms to make bracelets with, plus you can get them at your local craft store or at Target.

sky lotionsun lotionair lotion

3.) This third gift is one that will make your pals feel great! what’s better than┬áBath & Body works lotion! they even have three new scents that I have posted above; Sky, Air, and Sun! These are sold at Bath & Body works, and are a great gift!

lipgosslipiliciouslip gloss

4.) This is a very cute yet small idea as well, lip gloss! the flavors above are strawberry, cotton candy, and marshmallow of the brand lipilicious. You can find these at most stores that sell beauty products, but I found them at my local Bath & Body works. These are cute for thank you gifts or gift bags especially.

shea socksturtle sockssheep

5.) Anther awesome gift is shea socks or slippers. These cute ones above are from Bath & Body works, but you can get plain ones any where they sell beauty products. These are a great gift idea!


I hope this easy gift guide served you well, thanks for reading! Keep watch for more articles!







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