Sweet New Bath and Body Works scents

Sweet New Bath and Body Works scents

bath-body works party dress candleHere are the newest bath and body works scents you can get in perfumes, hand soaps, hand sanitizers, candles, and much more! You can by products of these fragrances on Bath and Body Works website, or stores near you.

РRaspberry Peach Macaroon  bath-body works lemon chiffon tart

– Frosted Cupcake

– Strawberry Sorbet

– Red Velvet Cupcake

– Pink Vanilla Macaroon

– Plum Berry Sorbet

– Lemon Chiffon Tart

– Orange Creamsicle Swirl

– Fresh Honeydew Lemonade

– Sugar Berry Shortcake

– Watermelon Lemonade

– Lemon Drops

РCinnamon Sugared Doughnut 

– Party Dress

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