The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

Summer is finally here! I don’t know about you guys, but this year was awkwardly long and short at the same time. Anyway, after seeing a lot of this on social media, I decided that maybe I should make a summer bucket list for myself. Plus, we all know that feeling in middle of the summer when there’s nothing to do and you almost wish that school was back in so I thought that this might help. So here it is: my summer bucket list for 2017! Feel free to share your summer bucket list ideas with me on Twitter or Instagram using #newsthatsparkles ! Also, be sure to check back often because I will be posting every Wednesday, Saturday, and Monday this summer!

1. Get in shape

2. Take a yoga class

Things to do this summer when bored.

3. Go tubing or water skiing

4. Pull an all-nighter

5. Make homemade fruit roll ups

6. Throw an epic pool party

Summer pool party ideas

7. Run a race/fun run

8. Start a blog (or build yours up)

9. Make a cute collage on your wall

10. Go to the water park

11. Learn 5+ new recipes

12. Go camping

13. Have at least 1 artsy photo shoot

Photography for teens

14. Get good at decorating cakes

15. Volunteer

16. Go horseback riding

17. Make a ‘movie’

18. Go bowling

19. Have a karaoke sleep over

Things to do when bored

20. Have a movie marathon

21. Learn a new language

23. Go to the zoo

24. Grill pizza

25. Watch a meteor shower

26. Go to the drive-in movie theater

27. Have fun with a slip and slide

28. Get a pedicure/manicure

Teen summer bucket list 2017

29. Play flashlight tag

30. Write and sing an original song

31. Go biking

32. Go vegan for a week

33. Go to a fair

34. Have a cookout at the lake

35. Go boating

36. Make homemade ice cream

Things to do this summer

37. Take pictures at a photo booth

38. Have a picnic

39. Pick wild flowers

40. Give your friends blind makeovers

41. Go to the beach

42. Buy matching outfits with your besties

Things to do when bored this summer

43. Enter a contest

44. Cook something and tweet a picture to Chef Ramsey

45. Check back at for new articles weekly

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