Would You Rather?

Would You Rather?

1.       Eat Ketchup Flavored Cake   OR   

           Mustard flavored donuts?

2.       Have to do 6 essays (5 paragraphs each) in one night     

             OR  A 20 page math packet in one night?

3.       Go on your dream vacation for a week      

            OR Get the 5 things you want most?

4.       Eat sweets for the rest of your life    

            OR Eat salty things the rest of your life?        

5.       Be forced to go sky diving     

           OR Be forced to go bungee jumping? 

6.        Visit Paris OR Visit Italy

7.         Climb a 600 foot ladder 

             OR Be in a room full of tarantulas

8.         Have No one show up to your wedding  

            OR No one show up to your funeral

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