D.I.Y St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Storage Jar

D.I.Y St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Storage Jar

 Leprechaun storage jar

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 Materials: 1 glass jar (works well with a pasta sauce jar), 1 small plastic leprechaun hat (I got this from the Dollar Store), 1 piece of orange construction paper, 1 (maybe 2 depending on the size of your jar) pieces of green construction paper, 1 small scrap piece of yellow construction paper, a black marker or Sharpie, a green marker, a glue stick or tape.

Instructions: First, take your green piece of construction paper and cut it the long way so that it is as tall as your jar, you may need two pieces of green construction paper to complete this step. Next, glue or tape the green construction paper on your glass jar so that none of the plain glass is visible other than that of the top hole and the bottom base of the jar. Now, take your orange construction paper and cut a beard shape from it. make the inside part of the beard smooth and empty so that you will have room to draw on your leprechaun’s face later. Now glue on your beard fairly close to the top of the jar. Now, cut out a belt buckle from yellow construction paper and glue just below the middle of your jar. Next, draw a face in the center of the green paper inside the area that is left open of the beard. Now add your green plastic leprechaun hat, you can either tape it on, or if it has and elastic band strap that under to the bottom. Now for final touches! you can draw on the rest of the belt with a green marker and decorate it or you can leave it as is. Finally just take off the hat to open the jar, you can place items inside it or just use it as decoration! Thank you for reading! keep out for more articles in March coming soon!


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