Summer Vacation Packing Guide! Part 1, Camping

Summer Vacation Packing Guide! Part 1, Camping

The Perfect Guide to Packing for Your Summer Vacation!

If you are going on vacation weather it is camping or staying in a fancy resort here is the perfect guide to packing for your vacation!


Camping Packing Guide:

 If you will be camping in the Great out doors you will probably want bug spray to keep away any pesky bugs or summer mosquitos. Along with this, you might want a sweater because though its a hot summer, nights in a tent can get pretty cold so it would be a good idea to bring a sweater. Another MUST for camping is s’more supplies! (chocolate, graham crackers, marshmallows) Because Who doesn’t like s’mores!?  Sun Screen is another essential, because for example I am going camping in Maine near the beach so I am gonna need some sun screen to protect my skin from the sun, also in this case bringing a Bathing Suit would be good as well. A good way to keep all your things organized is to bring a draw string bag or small cross body bag/purse so that you can easily stick your sun screen and bug spray in it while hiking or at the beach. Anther thing that s not necessary, but I would highly suggest bringing is a small Hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizers are good to keep you from getting sick. Two things that are camping essentials for me would be Sneakers and Sunglasses. Sneakers so that your feet don’t hurt while you are going on hikes or nature walks and sunglasses to protect your eyes from the burning summer sun.

Thanks for reading and keep out for Part two, Resorts!

NOTE: These are thing other than the obvious tent, sleeping bag, etc. 🙂

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